We are finishing out our third month here in our new mission in Crozet. We have gotten most of the ground work completed; website, promotional items, have begun networking with other churches, etc. And we have been introducing ourselves, meeting people and have been building relationships and making friends. What do you suppose has been our greatest challenge and obstacle to our mission? Finances? Community opposition? The devil himself? No - TIME has been! Time coupled with priorities, actually. By far, when we invite people over to our house for a time of prayer and encouragement or we ask to go over to their home or to even meet somewhere for coffee, the number one reason for not wanting too is , “we just don’t have the time.” We have met several families in which there are multiple jobs being done by the parents and with the kids, there is school, sports and other activities. Some kids do multiple sports and if there are multiple kids – you have one very busy family! And this isn’t true just for the unchurched families we have been talking to. Those involved inside the church are likewise way too busy.  (inside/outside the church is a very bounded set way to describe people – but that is a discussion for another day!)    Most churches today, in an attempt to keep people engaged with the church,  offer a lot of programming through the week – men’s and women’s meetings, children and teen activities, this project or that, music/worship rehearsal (rehearsal for worship?), coupled with administrative meetings  – church people can be the busiest of all! Too busy, in fact, for any serious attempts and discipleship or spiritual growth.

“No time” is not entirely accurate when it comes to ordering our lives. All of us have exactly 168 hours every week! It is up to us how we fill those hours. What we really have is a crisis of priorities! A lot of what we fill our week with are important; family activities, work – of course, sports and more but I am suggesting that if there is no quality time in your week for Jesus – time for prayer, scripture reading, worship, meaning fellowship with other believers, etc. then you have an issue with priorities. Life can get out of hand if we are not careful. Maybe it is time to slow down,  re-order our lives and decide what is really important.