Matthew 9:9-13

In the New Testament, it was the norm for disciples, or followers of Jesus, to tell others, share their faith and do whatever they could to make new disciples. Unfortunately, in churches today, most people who start our as disciples eventually just settle down in some church and become observers  – they come to church, sing, enjoy and that’s it. They don’t read their bibles during the week, they may pray some, when they feel the need for God’s help and they seldom do anything to help make more disciples. This has become normal Christianity in this country. Too bad too, because real disciples, genuine followers of Jesus, do whatever they can to help others become disciples too! Look at Matthew’s example here. When he left his booth and followed Jesus, he was changed. Now, he is having Jesus over to his house for dinner and who does he invite? All of his old tax collector and sinner friends! Jesus saved and converted one tax collector and sinner, now he is at his house and there is a whole house full of tax collectors and sinners! What an opportunity! And what an example for us!