Crozet Gathering  is designed to help people connect with Jesus Christ and each other. We meet regularly in homes or other gathering places. This model goes by various names including:
  •  Circle gatheringHouse Church – because homes are a common place of informal gathering – like the developing early Church in the Book of Acts
  • Organic Mission – because these groups often develop naturally out of already exiting relationships and offer natural expressions for fellowship and community
  • Simple Church – because we endeavor to keep things simple, relevant, meaningful and informal
  • Cell Church – often more than one home group develops because of developing relationships or geographic locations so we link these together for mutual support, encouragement and training.

We tend to favor circles instead of rows, homes/simple gathering places rather than church type buildings, acceptance and inclusion rather than judgement and exclusion.

Meeting Times

Saturday evenings in Crozet.

Other times in Charlottesville.

More details.

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